Sewing Labels: Perfect Placement Every Time

There's nothing better to complete a sewing project than a fun and whimsical label. Owner of Little Rosy Cheeks sewing labels, Victoria, talks us through her process for using labels in a sew and lets us in on her trade secret for perfect positioning.

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Victoria from Little Rosy Cheeks

Victoria is the owner of Little Rosy Cheeks.  Little Rosy Cheeks is a sewing brand that promotes self-love and belief and their aim is to empower makers when sewing labels into their clothes. 

Victoria hopes sewists feel pride and confidence in the messages from her sewing labels: you are unique, loved and important. 

She says: “Sewing your own clothes and making things for loved ones is a feeling like no other, I want Little Rosy Cheeks labels to reflect that.”


I’m very excited to be featured in this guest blog for Moonbow Fabrics and to also have them as one of my stockists. I wanted to share some tips on how I remember to add my label and also a secret tool for sewing them on straight!

 I don’t know about you, but when I start to make a pattern, I always take the instructions to bed for a little read before I go to sleep! Maybe you’re more of a thriller or autobiography type of person. I usually have a pen close to hand to make any notes and I like to familiarise myself with the pattern so I know where I can either cut corners or sew some of the steps together. My sewing time is precious, so by doing this it saves me scratching my head when sitting down at my machine.

During this night time prep, I also like to choose a label and decide where I could sew this in during construction. Then I use some washi tape and stick the label in to the notes at that section. 


Little Rosy Cheeks blog

All Little Rosy Cheeks labels can be sewn on at the end of a project, so don’t worry if the thought of this prep freaks you out.

 When it comes to sewing the label on, my secret weapon is a fabric glue pen. This holds the label in place for sewing with no need for pins. You can check it’s straight and reposition if needed. I love it, it doesn’t clog up the needle when sewing and is water soluble so will wash away. You can use it in lots of other areas of your sewing too – I find it helpful when sewing bulky collars on a blouse for example – it keeps everything where it should be!


Little Rosy Cheeks blog

If you don’t have a glue pen you could also use a piece of washi tape to hold the label in place until its sewn on.

 I hope this blog has inspired you to try out a label in your project. Happy sewing! 


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  1. Sonia

    Great tip on using a glue pen for placement! Will definitely try this. Your labels are really lovely.

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