Our range of bright and bold, high quality 100% Cotton fabric is specially selected with fun sewing projects for babies, toddlers and children in mind. It’s a lightweight, woven fabric with no stretch. As cotton is a natural fabric, it is breathable and gentle on the skin. It is perfect for woven sewing projects like shirts, dresses, sun hats, summer tops and much, much more.

Cotton Poplin is a lightweight 100% woven cotton fabric with no stretch. This strong, tightly woven cotton is really durable so it’s a good choice for children’s clothing, plus it washes well and doesn’t wrinkle too much.

Cotton Chambray looks like denim because of the way it’s woven, but is soft and lightweight like cotton. It has a 100% cotton composition and makes super Summer garments like shorts, sun dresses, bonnets and jeans-look trousers. It doesn’t have any stretch.

Broderie Anglaise is a 100% cotton made up of a pattern of small holes embroidered to look like lace. It is really popular during Summer as its lightweight design is airy and breathable. This fabric is often used for sleeves or edging skirts or dresses, or it can be backed by another cotton fabric and used for bodices, shorts and blouses. Broderie Anglaise doesn’t have any stretch.

Double Gauze or muslin fabric, is a 100% cotton woven with a textured finish and no stretch. This soft and lightweight cloth is made with two interlocking layers of fabric. Double Gauze is ideal for Summer sewing projects and lightweight clothing. Its also perfect for practical baby items like dribble bibs, reusable wipes, swaddles and nappy squares.