French Terry/Sweatshirt Prints
French Terry is a four-way stretch jersey with tiny loops on the underside of the fabric. It’s great for making anything you’d normally make with Jersey fabric such as lightweight jumpers, joggers and rompers. French Terry is slightly more robust than standard single Jersey and is often used in cosy loungewear and more Autumn/Winter sews because it can keep the wearer toasty even though it’s quite lightweight. It has four-way stretch and is made of a Cotton/Elastane blend.

Fleece Back French Terry is exactly the same as French Terry, but it’s a little snugglier because it has a fleece finish on the underside. Lightweight sweaters, joggers, zipped jackets and warmer dungarees are great in this fabric.

Fleece Back Sweatshirt is super soft and is the kind of fabric used for thicker hoodies, joggers and sweatshirts. It has a fluffy fleece underside and a soft stretchy right side. It has four-way stretch, but has more horizontal stretch than vertical. This fabric is a polyester/spandex mix.